How JobFit Recruit Works

Our process is simple: Better information, better employees.

Distinguish the right way

If you are like most employers, you:

  • get about 200 applications per job posting.
  • hire a team member before you get to see how well they’ll fit with their team.
  • don’t get an accurate depiction of the job or the team member during interviews.
  • got old-school problems. We've got new-school solutions.

This is how we redefined Job Recruiting

Job seekers submit a resume and FitStory to your company.

With JobFit, candidates don't just submit a resume -they develop a Fit Story. They respond to a small set of thoughtful questions that provide you with bountiful and pertinent data that leads to a nuanced understanding of who the candidates are and the value they can bring to the role.

Engage with current employees to get valuable candidate feedback.

To prevent bias, we leverage Artificial Intelligence to present you with a summary of each candidate’s years of experience, key skills, and technological acumen - all without any unique identifiers.

Company employees will be able to access the FitStory and provide high potential candidates with feedback. The entire process remains anonymous in order to do away with biased judgements.

Through the applicant-employee interaction process, job-seekers are vetted to ascertain their fit in your company. Once the employee sees potential in the candidate, they will refer the candidate.

Candidates qualify the opportunity too.

Candidates are more informed too when they understand the team and inner workings of your company, as opposed to only reading a job description. Thus, you get more qualified candidates, shorten the recruiting process, and build culture from day 1.

Get the best talent.

By focusing on capabilities and skills, not bullet points, we help you implement an equitable and unbiased process that leads to finding/identifying the best talent: you’ll only consider applicants with qualifications for the position, saving both time and money.

Job Fit RECRUIT is for companies committed to increase workforce diversity, retention, and to enrich company culture.

If this message resonates with you, schedule a demo and learn how your hiring process can be optimized to help you create a more harmonious workplace and long-lasting company members.