Hire people, not resumes.

JobFit RECRUIT is a recruiting software that helps you go beyond the resume to learn who candidates really are.

Recruiting can be frustrating

Do you struggle to find highly qualified, diverse, and loyal talent and to meet all the requirements hiring managers look for?

Resumes and interviews can’t provide you with enough reliable information to effectively assess a large and diverse pool of job applicants. Why? Because your time is too limited, resumes are too short, and interviews are too costly.

We've the data you need

JobFit RECRUIT provides you with a plethora of technical and human data about the pool of job applicants before you phone-screen them.


Our data doesn’t contain identifiable information so you’re able to focus on only the things that really matters like a candidate's unique skills, capabilities, and experiences in order to determine which applicants are the best match for a role. The outcome? Less bias and more diversity.


Still hiring people before you get to see how well they’ll fit with their team? With JobFit Recruit, candidates and teams collaborate before an interview. In this way, they asses the long-term compatibility for the role and work environment which results in a massive impact on retention and culture.


Reduce the time it takes to hire a new employee by about 20%. How? Simple: job-seekers will be prescreened by your team so by the time the hiring process begins, you’re only in touch with high-quality, vetted candidates.

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