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We streamline the referral process to give you a voice in who your company hires

Want to have input into who your company hires without the hassle of informational interviews?

  • Rapidly (and anonymously) qualify whether a candidate is a cultural and/or professional fit

  • Use your JobFit’s custom link and send it to people who request an Informational interview with you

  • Dramatically increase the chances of submitting successful referral

How It Works
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  • Easily grasp the candidate’s
    background and interest in joining
    your company

  • Use our platform’s prompts to help
    the candidate understand your

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Tiffany made a successful referral

JobFit is reliable, trustworthy, and intuitive. Most important to me, I was able to communicate to HR the story of my candidate and her passion to join us.

Concerned about the chances for a successful referral?

We created a guide that will walk you through setting up your
JobFit profile and supporting the right candidate.

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