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Software engineering
Data Science / Machine Learning
Product Management
Product Design

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Community Builder partners with Jobfit to remove bias from the job search.

Entry Level Designer

Company ABC • San Francisco, USA (Remote OK)

Customer Success Engineer

Stripe • Amsterdam, Netherlands

Senior Director, Product Marketing

AirBnb • Chicago, USA (Remote OK)

Sales Operation Manager

Patagonia • Berlin, Germany

Senior Director, Product Marketing

{Any mission aligned company} • New York City, USA
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The Job Board Marketplace

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Do you have a dedicated community of members constantly checking your site for the latest industry news or provocative thought pieces? First off, kudos! That's no small feat.
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More value
for your members

JobFit’s mission is to remove bias in the hiring process and help candidates land a role through a unique blind audition process. To help get your network started, we’ll give you a bundle of free JobFit auditions that you can distribute to your members.
Cool Company introduction requests
Brooklyn Jones
Software Engineering
3 jobs
Robert Fox
Product Management
4 jobs
Elenor Pena
2 jobs
Brooklyn Jones · Product Manager
Brooklyn asks for introduction at Cool Company
Try and introduce Brooklyn to someone at Stripe and help her career thrive.
Once a job seeker in your community has started an audition, you can connect them to the right people in your diverse professional network in no time. You’ll not only introduce your members to exciting opportunities, but you can also help them land a role with a personal introduction!

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