Let hiring managers see, hear, and understand your value.

Our careers and our day-to-day lives are so intertwined that finding meaningful, gainful work is incredibly important. Getting hired for the job you want is key, but it can be incredibly hard to get the attention of the right people to bring you on. JobFit Academy shows you how you can make hiring managers see, hear, and understand your value so you can land the perfect job for you.
Job seeker

Get the ins and outs of navigating the job search.

The job search is constantly changing, and it’s not getting easier. Referrals and resume optimizations can only go so far. And when those don’t work, it’s daunting to figure out the right path forward — all while commiting time to a job you might already be working. JobFit Academy shows you how to efficiently work around the hiring obstacles that are stacked against you so you can take on the search with ease.

Know your worth in the tech industry.

You have unique, valuable skills that no one else can offer — and so do a lot of companies out there. We help teach you about the inner workings of the tech industry so you can build on your strengths and find a place to work that will let your talent grow. Discover opportunities where you can be yourself and flourish, learn how to convey your value effectively to hiring managers, and get hired at a place that aligns with where you want to go in your career.



Open the door to what’s next.

Knowing how to succeed in the job search isn’t just about finding the right place for you — it’s about knowing how to advocate for your value in the long run and finding the right people to have your back. We connect you with communities of advocates who will see, hear, and understand what you bring to the table so they can sharing that with others.

We’re flipping the traditional job search on its head and creating a more positive, equitable path forward. Join the waitlist and be a part of the new way to get hired.

How it works

Here’s what we do to make sure hiring managers get the full picture of what you can offer

JobFit Academy

The job search has changed since the tech boom, yet job coaches still teach the same old stuff. We developed a program to help anyone practically get any tech job they want, any time they want.

Audition Staging Areas

Be judged based on what you can do, not just who you are or who you know. We created audition staging areas for you to organize everything you need to be seen, heard, and understood by each company.

Getting you connected

You create your blind auditions, and we present them to recruiters and hiring managers.