At JobFit, we’re on a mission to level the playing field in the hiring process by giving people a more equitable way to apply, refer, and hire the very best!

Finding a great job shouldn’t be this hard.

When Maximilian Kwok returned to the San Francisco Bay area after working for seven years in Shenzhen, China and Hong Kong, he found it nearly impossible to find a great job even with seven years product management experience in software technology.  

After six months of applying and networking (and many conversations with other anxious professionals returning from career gigs in Europe or APAC) he realized something:

When you don’t have a professional network—due to relocation, industry change, workplace re-entry, or career pivot—finding your next job can feel slow, lonely, demoralizing, and financially painful.

Your resume often holds you back.

Max discovered that for professionals like him (with non-traditional or non-linear career backgrounds), the traditional resume is not a friend.

It’s difficult to convey the value of your diverse experience when your story is limited to bullet points. It’s natural for the resume reader to fill in gaps of your career journey by making inaccurate assumptions that undermine your hireability.

In other words, the traditional hiring process often has built-in bias that can keep good people from getting great jobs.

Some examples of how this works:

  • An applicant who just moved from a different country or state in the U.S. is written off as out of touch.
  • A mother coming back from maternity leave is viewed as undependable.
  • An individual who is transitioning to a new industry is seen as unfocused or unspecialized. 

Bias in the normal hiring process often dismisses great talent and limits a company’s ability to foster a diverse work culture.

It’s all about who you know.

To overcome the assumptions that were routing his resume to the reject pile, Max developed a two-point strategy to get professional job referrals based on merit alone. His approach bypasses the backlogged resume application process and creates an altruistic, often financial win for the people referring him. 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Create a great pitch about how you’re a perfect fit for an open role
  2. Find a company insider to share your pitch with—someone who will be motivated to vouch for you (and cash in on a referral bonus)

Max designed job pitches (now called Fit Stories) to be simple and strategic demonstrations of:

  1. How much you know about a particular company
  2. The unique solutions you can bring to specific company problems
  3. How your personal goals align with the company’s goals

Fit Stories give sponsors a more comprehensive look at whether applicants will truly add value and integrate well into the company culture.

A new way to get hired.

Max’s goal was to stay in control of how his diverse work experience was interpreted—how his potential value was conveyed to company insiders who could help him get hired without starting over in an entry level position.

And his approach worked. 

As a result, he obsessed about automating and testing his Fit Story approach so other professionals could improve the way they found and landed new jobs. He began coding solutions so people could pinpoint the best companies for their skills and easily connect with professionals within those companies who were open to reviewing their pitch.

In 2018, Max founded JobFit.

Why it works and why it matters.

JobFit gives professionals an edge over traditional job databases and social networking sites because it streamlines the way the best jobs are actually acquired—which is through meaningful referrals from trusted company insiders.

Every interaction between a sponsor and applicant is based solely on Fit Stories. There are no pictures, names, resumes, or identifiable information until the sponsor feels comfortable making a referral.

This means applicants get a fair chance to demonstrate their skills without being disqualified by misinterpretation. And sponsors have simple tools to assess and manage several possible referrals at a time (amplifying their referral bonus potential).

Most importantly, the JobFit approach to hiring solves the costly problem of inadvertently putting the wrong people in the wrong positions. JobFit empowers sponsors to positively shape team productivity and chemistry by handpicking coworkers they truly believe in.

Everybody wins.

  • Professionals get a fair shot at their dream jobs.
  • Sponsors get an easy to way to add the right people to their teams.
  • Companies get diversity and inclusiveness—which is essential to employee happiness and healthy scalability.

At JobFit, we’re on a mission to level the playing field in the hiring process by giving people a more equitable way to apply, refer, and hire the very best!

About Our Founder

Maximilian Kwok

“Matching a resume to a job description is the least effective way for professionals to land quality jobs and companies to build quality teams.”

Max founded JobFit in 2018 to help talented, skilled people from all backgrounds get fair career consideration. 

Technology has amplified our ability to follow our professional dreams from one stage of life, industry, or location to the next. Unfortunately, the outdated resume makes it difficult to demonstrate the immense value of nonlinear career experiences. 

Max’s approach to job fulfillment is governed by the fact that individuals—professionals and sponsors—have more power to evolve their career and work environments than they often realize. 

JobFit empowers job-seeking professionals to meet company insiders and demonstrate their unique value in ways that truly help them stand out; and it empowers company employees to create workplaces they love by hand-selecting new coworkers rather than jumping ship and starting over.

Under his guidance, JobFit has evolved into a modern hiring solution for a modern workforce—one that abandons veiled HR procedures in favor of a value-driven approach to ultimately create more productive and diverse work environments.

The JobFit team is on a mission to:

  • Humanize the process of applying for high-competition jobs
  • Encourage bias-free consideration for applicants with diverse work histories
  • Democratize the hiring process so employees no longer need to wait for management to make positive shifts in company culture
  • Increase employee referral bonuses with tools that streamline the vetting process
  • Improve company profitability by getting the best talent in the right roles
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