We're JobFit, a company that believes hiring without implicit bias should be a reality.

JobFit was founded on the premise that the way hiring is done in the world is broken. Employers use job descriptions to define their need. Job seekers use resumes to define their experience. Both documents obfuscate value from the source and open up implicit biased interpretation.  Limiting a hiring conversation on how well a resume matches up a job description sets up all parties for failure.  JobFit believes the faster the world abandons the veiled hiring approach for a value driven hiring approach, the better, more productive, and more diverse our workplaces can be. 

Launched in 2018, the first ever Refer Ready Job Board unveiled JobFit’s revolutionary hiring platform. Employees sign up as independent referrers and declare which roles are closely associated to their work environment. Job seekers anonymously submit pitches on how they fit for the open role and the company called “Fit Stories” as an attempt to earn an employee’s referral through merit.  Employees review anonymous job seekers' company-specific Fit Stories, and refer if a fit is found.

“Fit Stories” are one page reports describing:

  • How much the job seeker understands the company
  • What solutions can the job seeker bring to the table
  • How are the job seekers personal goals aligned with the company’s goals

Employees evaluate the merit of the job seeker’s report. Employees can refer or not refer accordingly. We aim to shift the world to a more value driven hiring approach.

And this is just the beginning. With JobFit building the most value driven hiring platform, we will continue to make our platform accessible to people from diverse backgrounds and all industries, ultimately accelerating the advent of inclusive and diverse hiring environments. General practices such as talent evaluation, internal referral programs, blind interviewing, company research tools, and job boards already exist independently, but when combined, they become even more powerful – that’s the future we want.

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