A diverse workplace of talent

Where employees refer unique talent

Job seekers from diverse backgrounds connect with employees and campaign for their referral

The algorithm death trap

Great people fall through the cracks of traditional job searching. People are often sifted out by indiscriminate algorithms because of their unique backgrounds.

Human connection in hiring

There are employees who are willing to help. Someone ready to see more diverse talent on their team is happy to refer a job seeker who they believe is a perfect fit.

Successful referrals know a lot about the company already}

For Employed Referrers

Make a successful referral

Meet job seekers you relate to
Review assignments to find fit
Help out someone you believe in
Take a better shot at that elusive referral bonus
Campaign for a job with what you can do not what you did}

For Job Seekers

Land your dream job

Get past fruitless job seeking tactics
Meet someone who sees your worth
Communicate your unique story
Potential to get referred and hired

Why hiring managers at top companies love JobFit


Leverage coworkers to find talent


Fast and direct path to diverse talent


Standardized take-home assignments

A referral is a beautiful gift

Discover candidates worth your referral. If you’re looking for a new opportunity, campaign to show your fit.


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